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Book your session efficiently online without the hassle of making awkward phone calls and leaving messages. Should there be an issue with the time you requested I will send you a follow up email or text message detailing why and work with you to secure another time that is good for you!

*Please note, due to my schedule and trying to fit as many clients in as possible I may take longer to respond via phone. Contacting me here, through email, or my other scheduling website will allow me to get back to you within the quickest time frame.*

If you or a loved one are in the midst of a mental health crisis please call 211 and ask for EMPS assistance for any child between 3-17 years old (18 if still in high school) or visit your local emergency room for a mental health evaluation (be sure to specify this at the ER).

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Lightship Family Counseling, LLC

24 Battle Street

Suite 2A, Room 1

Somers, CT 06071

Phone: (860) 331-9548

Fax: (860) 969-2939


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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1258

Somers, CT 06071

Dates the office will be closed in 2024

Please note, this schedule is subject to change.

March 12th @ 3:00pm - March 18th @ 9:00am


April 8th - April 12th

Limited Sessions will be held due to April Vacation

May 24th @ 2:30pm - May 28th @ 10:45am

Memorial Day

June 4th


July 2nd @ 3:00pm - July 8th @ 9:00am

Fourth of July

August 14th @ 5:00pm - August 26th @ 9:00am


September 2nd

Labor Day

November 26th @ 3:00pm - December 2nd @ 9:00am


December 23rd @ 11:30am - January 2nd, 2025 @ 10:45am

Winter Break

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